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2009 Ultima Festival, Oslo
2009 Borealis Festival, Bergen
2008 De Bijloke, Gent
2008 Rational Rec, London (Bethnal Green)

A Rational Rec Commission

Emily Glancy (Chelsea College of Art Special Collection) is presented with the book

We were asked by Rational Rec to come up with an idea for a night of interdisiplinary art and music at their Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club base. We decided to try and make a collaborative show that was progressively collapsed into a single site-specific book. Rational Rec teamed us up with Matthew Shlomowitz (composer), David Helbich (composer/performance artist), Tomma Wessel (recorder player), Shila Anaraki (dancer). The show was such a success we formed a group called InterInterInter and did a European tour.

De Bijloke, Ghent

Borealis, Bergen

InterInterInter - Borealis, Bergen

For the Borealis festival in Bergen we were resident artists, doing numerous shows throughout the festival and with a HQ in the Landmark Cafe. We created our own interactive typeface for the show, called the Interbet. Each character had to be cut out manually and could be scaled through a normal pdf dialog box. We also made this Conversation Piece for talking with diners. It was based on pre-electronic computers that relied on cards that could be sorted with punched holes. We reversed the process of Public Relations, or PR, with PRinterPRinterPRinter; providing an entertaining experience fot the participant and useless information for the festival.

Ultima, Oslo