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Wedgywood is 100

The following link takes you to a film explaining and showing the ambience of the thing we popped our heads up in last night in Knightsbridge at the Shytstem’s request.

It was rather like being on an early channel 4 programme. And yes, that IS a compliment in my book. We had a great time.

I think the main criticism that might be levelled at the body of work we sampled last night is the lack of direction. Where the hell is it all going? What does it achieve? But I think this would miss a couple of things. On mass these films imply a reaction against a certain demand for purpose and efficiency in life that marginalises a good many people. And what do people really mean when they ask these questions except ‘why doesn’t this make any money’. There’s never been a better time to point out what a dangerous fantasy all that wealth creation is. Secondly Eddie Farrell summed it up perfectly at the end when he said “If you work with people instead of sitting in a room by yourself you learn a lot more”. These films are a humble request for people to spend time with people. Well done guys!


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