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snail exodus

David is worried that people will think he has made me up if I don’t say anything. I have been worried that the snail exodus preoccupying me is not appropriate blog fodder. But he assures me it is..So here we escarGO… (hoho, oh dear, hoho)

The Blue Potatoes are thriving. However, I am keeping a close watch on the large snail population whom i’m afraid covet the potatoes. I am thinking of preaching to them “thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s potatoes, especially if thy neighbout has a salt shaker at the ready” What do you do with salt which is still salty? threaten your snail interlopers with it! I cannot be sure that Jesus never said any of these things, but they’re definitely not in the bible. In fact, Jesus says nothing about potatoes in the bible. I don think they are even mentioned in the old testament. But I nurture them nonetheless, with the idea that the bible is profound and sufficient, not exhaustive. What was the point of this? Oh yes. I just logged on to report a large snail exodus seen moving through the front garden, apparently leaving, probably due to the rain, but David thinks they’ve heard about a groovy snail rave further down the street and are going to party. on. dude.

Talking of parties, we just had one for my 25th birthday. Birthday25Family.JPGThe first one since i started sitting public exams at the tender age of 15 in fact! Shocking really, that’s what happens when you’re born in high exam season (actually my mum was in the middle of exams when she gave birth to me.) The party was quite grown up in a lovely sort of way. Except for the bit where we accidentally set fire to the carpet, but don’t worry, it’ll grow back.


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