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Hard Wood Lesson release

We will be launching our next book on 12th May 2007. It is the poem ‘Hard Wood Lesson’.

“It has been said that it is impossible to do a drawing of a letter; that an A is just an A. Hard Wood Lesson attempts to test this. It is a poem drawn by hand, screenprinted in three layers on an A0 sheet, folded, and put inside a box made of wood and card. The poem takes advice from my Father on how to work with timber, given at a Hospice in March 2006, and reworks it. It is an experiment in being a scribe, in tradition, and in authorship. It is for, amongst others, people who have looked at words long enough to doubt their spelling.”


The edition is of 20, and half of those have a spine made of Ash and the other half have a Beech spine. The launch will happen at our home in Dalston; email us through our main site for details if you want to come along. I’m sure it will be as fun as Ping*s birthday party we had last Saturday. I had to give the carpet a haircut on Sunday after we dropped a burning coal off our nargile during the party. 


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