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Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2011: Credit Crunch (167)

Credit Crunch by Eddie Farrell and Henningham Family Press is on show in the Summer Exhibition (167) in room II. They are black screenprints on flattened cereal packets.

Edition of 70
£165 framed
£65 unframed

Purchasers can approach the Summer Exhibition sales desk in the vestibule at the exhibition, or contact them on 0207 300 5683

Click here to see a PDF document showing details of all 70 copies available in the edition

This same document will be emailed to purchasers of the Credit Crunch at the Royal Academy so they can make their selection, as cereal packets vary.

The most advanced print technology in the world is used to make food packaging, rather than fine art prints. We are surrounded by amazing print in the supermarket. The cereal itself is very cheap, it is the print and distribution costs that we pay for, making this one of the biggest print markets in the world.


One thought on “Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2011: Credit Crunch (167)

  • Arthur van de Graaf
    January, 24, 2012 at 8:26 am

    Would like to hear if there are still editions of Credit Crunch available? My e-mail: arthurvandegraaf@gmail.com

    Kind regards,

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