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How to Print a Year Before It’s Over, by Eddie Farrell

What If just before Christmas you were standing in a depressingly long queue in the post office, irritated and frustrated by the waiting because you have so much else to be getting on with? Initially, to relieve the boredom a bit, you look around at the others stuck in the queue with you, the masses

Erroneous Disposition of the People Show & Gig at Kahalia on Brick Lane

We have a gig to announce, happening in just two weeks time! Henningham Family Press have teamed up again with the golden voiced Jon Bilbrough (Wilderthorn), to compose a collaborative piece of art and music. We will be playing from an oversized book; a bestiary depicting twelve animals in pigment and melody. For inspiration we

Credit Crunch

Credit Crunch Eddie Farrell & Henningham Family Press 2009 Edition 70 screenprint dimensions vary £180 (£348 framed) Exhibited at Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2011 We were printing “price prints” with Eddie Farrell as the recession hit in 2009; packets of groceries he had bought that he then screenprinted with their original value in the hope

Puppets, Broadcasts and Stress

I took a walk across town yesterday, south to Kreuzberg. My friend Michael Schoenke had invited me over to watch the European Championship match between Germany and Portugal. The game didn’t start until 8.45pm so apart from that kick-off time I was free of a niggling deadline for what felt like the first time this

The Clocks Went Forward Tonight

I lost an hour somewhere But it’s that time of year I once wrote a song in half an hour it was called Clocks.* I remember trying to write down everything I was thinking from quarter to until quarter past 12 on the night winter officially turned into spring. That was in 1981, upstairs in


Mornings, summer and winter always begin with a mug of green tea. Years ago it was espresso, then espresso with a cigarette and finally around 11 am, espresso with a sandwich and a cigarette. This continued until one day my stomach got really sore and my sister, a dietician spelled out the obvious. The pot

Credit Crunch ‘welcome’ in Spoonfed RA review

With so much on the walls at the RA Summer Exhibition it is always pleasing to get a mention in the media. Here Spoonfed spot it, get it, like it: Eddie Farrell’s black stencilled Credit Crunch on a flattened Corn Flakes box and the drunken Escheresque style of Neil Pittaway’s etching of Westminster station, come