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let me tell you | Paul Griffiths

let me tell you | Paul Griffiths


Paul Griffiths is one of a handful of fine writers to find the secret passage leading from restriction to richness.
— Adam Mars-Jones

In let me tell you and let me go on, Ophelia tells her own story. Yet she is restricted to the 481 words Shakespeare gives her in Hamlet. As her story flows from this barely perceptible limitation, it hints at her struggle against the constraints placed upon her by her father, brother and the Prince, and her Shakespearean fate.

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let me tell you inspired both authors and readers. It was as moving as it was experimental.

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The reader will be captivated by Griffiths’ touching portrait of Ophelia.
– Michael Miller, New York Arts


An extraordinary work which extends our sense of what it is to be human beings.
– John Goodby, Wales Arts Review


The remarkable achievement is to extend Ophelia’s world into impossible realms while remaining connected through deep feeling to her original. She resembles herself.
– Oli Hazzard, Music & Literature


Ophelia shows that “there’s more to me now than the poor, sweet daughter” in achingly lovely words that stem from Shakespeare but bring Beckett’s later prose to mind.
– Boyd Tonkin, The Independent


Let me tell you is beautiful, philosophical and musical. It is a hymn to the human.
– Peter Hughes, 10th Muse


Line by line, then page by page, there is no sense of strain, just of a world, a voice, a story, beginning to emerge.
– Philip Terry, Golden Handcuffs


I found ‘let me tell you’ a beautiful and enthralling work, as well as a great success in Oulipian terms.
– Harry Mathews, co-editor (with Alastair Brotchie) of Oulipo Compendium


I was amazed by how moving and true Ophelia’s voice is when up against and, surely thanks to, the constraint.
– Caroline Clark, author of Own Sweet Time


Griffiths trusts that his form will effect its own kind of “saying.” That it results in a character with emotional depth that plausibly develops a life story about which Hamlet is otherwise silent only validates the wisdom of the author’s commitment to that form.
– Daniel Green, The Reading Experience


Griffiths’ work as music critic and translator shines through; he has composed a prose work whose components recur and resound like familiar notes.
– Alyssa Pelish, Rain Taxi


A text that took from the canon and reached far beyond it. Let me tell you showed that a well-chosen constraint could be generative, musical, and astonishingly creative. An uncanny voice played across the page, and has stayed in the memory long after the stylised sagas, fables and confessionals which littered the noughties.
– Kevin Davey, author of Radio Joan


A simple idea, quite brilliantly realised. Ophelia’s haunting, incantatory monologue, using only the words Shakepeare gave her, is deeply moving.
– David Collard, author of Multiple Joyce

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1 review for let me tell you | Paul Griffiths

  1. Jonathan

    A little gem. An incredibly ambitious and exciting oulipo novella for Shakespeare lovers. Highly recommended

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