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let me tell you Handmade Bundle

let me tell you Handmade Bundle


A back-to-back edition of let me tell you and Let Me Go On, strictly limited to 30 copies. Handbound in Tex-Libris cloth at the Henningham Family Press studio.


  • Both first edition paperbacks
  • Signed
  • Name in back of books
  • Limited edition bookmark

Making the edition in the studio will take approximately 12 months

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let me tell you | Let Me Go On

A strictly limited edition of handmade back-to-back cloth bindings is available to buy here “off-plan”. Our editions tend to sell out before we commence making them, so don’t delay! The book will feature some of the more stubborn Ophelian words. Perhaps some words that have never been used before.

This long-awaited continuation of Paul Griffiths’ “Ophelian” project joins Mr. Beethoven and The Tomb Guardians in our Gmund Design Award nominated Griffiths paperback collection. We have partnered with G.F Smith (paper merchants to Virginia Woolf’s Hogarth Press) to create a bespoke paper that is light Park Green on one side and a darker Marr’s Green on the other. The same paper will be used on both novels, but reversed. The title will be hand-debossed gold in our studio presses with cover illustrations by David Henningham. These are available with our three Supporter reward levels as limited edition bookmarks; a token of our gratitude for you helping raise the money we need to continue publishing.

Weight 1600 g
Dimensions 210 × 140 × 25 mm


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