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Oslo supplemental: The Cheap Suitcase Rally

We bought a cheap suitcase to wheel some of our bulkier tools to Oslo in, the cheapest we could find at a mere £23! However, the wheels broke 4 mins after leaving our front door. The number of breakages in this single trip was really quite amazing:

  1. Wheels break immediately and eventually disappear completely on final stretch
  2. Foot breaks off bottom giving it a mournful tilt
  3. zip handle pops off on back pocket
  4. Back pocket goes all saggy
  5. nipple for resting on side comes off leaving exposed screw
  6. expansion zip gets stuck
  7. compass in handle does not point north
  8. Baggage handlers dent metal strut underside, probably with one finger
  9. telescopic handle starts getting stuck



This gave us an idea for a game. Two friends going on holiday buy a really cheap suitcase each and gain points for every major malfunction. Bonus points may be given for flashy and useless accessories like said compass.

You must use lifts and escalators when available. All use must be within reasonable limits i.e. pulling off and up kerbs is acceptable, but not out of first floor windows. Obviously can’t exceed airline baggage limits. Believe me, you won’t have to resort to such measures anyway.


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