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InterInterInter In Oslo Review

We had a good show in the Ultima festival, many moments like Ishiguro’s ‘the Unconsoled’ happen at these festivals, like walking in circles with some composers looking for a restaurant that happens to be below the festival office when we find one, running into a torch-lit park and into a castle then ascending a turret to where we are seated moments before a performance of Kurt Schwitters poetry…

There are good reviews in Norwegian of the show, at least they seem to be once babelfished. Here is one in english

The premise of the night was to hand groups a blank sheet of A3 paper as a programme and then to print on it throughout the night as the performances accumulated. We finished the evening with a folding ceremony where the audience followed our instructions from the front to fold the sheet down and form the individual pages.


The audience recieved two screenprints on their way in, the performers then downing tools to take to the stage.


In the interval we dressed like cinema ushers to deliver another print, this time with sponges and fluorescent paint. If you can ever find an aged cinema, you get sold your ticket by the guy behind the desk. Next you go get some popcorn and the same guy comes in and puts on an apron. Then  he takes your ticket at the door, you are the only cinema-goer, and then he comes during the intermission with a tray and wearing a hat. That’s the kind of thing that we were thinking of here.



One thought on “InterInterInter In Oslo Review

  • Ana & Renée
    November, 8, 2009 at 1:41 pm

    Love the costumes, guys! x

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