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‘Monday School’ Launches: three new publications!

It is 400 years since the publication of the King James Bible, and therefore an appropriate time to launch three publications on the Bible.

Most coverage seems to be about the history surrounding Bible translation, but the task we set ourselves was to explore the content of the Bible and its influence. The whole Bible. The three projects that resulted all aspire to explain the narrative of the Bible in the context of secular ideas, primarily for people with a non-religious desire to understand what it contains; reading the Bible is not a statement of belief. These publications will also be of use to the Churchgoer.

These Monday School titles are available:
A) from our workshop (399 Mentmore Terrace, London Fields, E8 3PH)
B) online from us here or our distributor here
C) through your local benign bookshop and latte emporium
D) via cut-throat cut-price online book-pimps

To introduce you to these new publications we are going to devote a blog entry to each one. First up we have Monday School which is a hardback book.

It includes a full- colour fold-out chart, seven essays on seven turning points in the Biblical narrative, and a syllabus to help readers use it as a book club or for their own study. The essays are:

Bring a Pen and a Spade: the Creation Story
(a look at Ronald Number’s history of Creationism)
The Fall of Humanity and their Purpose
(inc. Kafka’s Trial and Steinbeck’s East of Eden)
What ‘Chosen Peoples’ Choose to Ignore
(a correspondence on political violence with a vicar)
Does a Ladder to No-where Permit Downward Traffic?
(Ancient Israel’s covenants compared to Neitzsche’s will-to-power)
A Perfect Law Risks Becoming Pointless
(An argument between the author and Slavoj Zizek on the Law of Moses whilst barricaded in a bookshop for the duration of a riot)
The Revolution With a Single Death: Messianic time, the oppressed and their inheritance – the Earth
(Fragments on Benjamin, Agamben, the Crucifixion..)
Dig For Victory: the Resurrection way of life
(what Orwell didn’t get about the idea of life after death..)

We are thrilled with how this hardback turned out, from its writing to making it in the workshop. Anyone who wants to be able to navigate the Bible and spot its influences on our history and culture will find it useful.

Book Information:
ISBN 978 0 9563166 3 9
BIC codes: HP (Philosophy)
DNF (Literary Essays)
HRCG3 (Biblical Exegesis)
100 pages
January 2011

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