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Monday School Illuminations

The third publication of the Monday School project was an unexpected commission for new church buildings in St Peter’s Harold Wood, Monday School Illuminations. This was a new challenge, what with us not being ecclesiastical artists, but they had heard about the Monday School project and we had a starting point; this was the place I went to Sunday School in the 1980s. We returned to the Monday School Chart and took some of those images further to create a set of four silkscreen prints that tile together and work individually. We began with the monastic tradition of illuminating manuscripts, and this theme of illumination and enlightenment is central to the composition.

It is now pride of place in the church atrium, and we also produced an edition of ten in Tex Libris pistachio cloth bound portfolios with white foil blocking and ebony lining paper. They are editioned and signed.

This time, each panel juxtaposes a part of the old and new testaments that are linked thematically. So the Creation and New Creation are on the first panel, then the Fall and Noah’s Flood are the background for Judgement Day (the second coming), next Abraham and Jesus’ incarnation represent that family bloodline, but also the line of Grace, and the Law of Moses and Israel are contrasted with the Law of grace (the Apostles after Jesus’ resurrection). A single white line is emitted from Creation, connects all the panels chronologically, splitting in a prism to create the tree of life and coming full-circle to the New Creation. All the Old Testament bits are in the background, and the New Testament hangs off the tree.

Book Information:
Loose-leaf book of four silkscreen prints
300gsm Somerset Satin White paper
190mm x 270mm
Edition of 10
Numbered and signed

Available to buy from us here


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