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Michael James Jones

Our next release which we are working on at the moment is going to be by our friend Michael Jones.


This is the first time we’ve invited somebody to make a solo work at the Press, and we’re making it up as we go along, but it all seems to be going well. It is an experiment to see if we can use the Press to facilitate an artist potentially crushed by London’s vicious economic pressures. We’ve been here for about 960 years, giving us land and stability, but Michael is from Canada and renting {more on Capitalism later}. We don’t really know what Michael is going to do; that’s up to him. Needless to say we’re very excited, and this has been in the offing for just about a year; he seemed the perfect person to ask at our graduation from the Slade as fellow alumni in 2006. Hopefully this solo artist thing will become a regular slot in our annual schedule.


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