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Listen again to the Verb, or even for the first time

We had a great time last night, broadcasting the Chip Shop as part of a live edition of the Verb from the BBC Radio Theatre. Our dictionary lies in great need of repair after being put through its paces by the wonderful verb audience. Their favourite words are obviously almost part of the family. One lady asked what will happen to all the words that were not chosen.. I assure you madam that we will find good homes for them, we never put a good word down.

You can listen again to the show, or indeed for the first time, here

Ian McMillan suggested the word Kneppel; that rings a bell. Simon Armitage chose ‘Homunculus’, a big word to describe a small man. Richard Hawley chose ‘thigmotaxis’, a barman pointed out to him that this phenomenon applied to both insects and man; only lunatics and coppers sit in the middle of a deserted saloon bar. And our final guest selected the vowel-rich ‘pianola’.

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