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Chip Shop at Corita Exhibition, Dundee Contemporary Arts

We received a warm welcome from the people of Dundee and the world-class Dundee Contemporary Arts gallery. The spiritual home of the Chip Shop (or ‘chipper’ as it is known locally), the people of Dundee were committed to local produce for their menu. Peely Wally, Glaikit, Bampot.. it seems there are more Scots words for

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A London Word Festival commissionsupported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation Performances 2013 There Will Be New Rules Next Week (Sister Corita Kent), Dundee Contemporary Arts2012 You Say French Fiberboard…, Rowhill Books, Charlottesville VA2011 Evolving English, British Library2011 Printmaking Today, Black Rat Gallery, Shoreditch2010 Multiplied, Christie’s Auction House2010 The Verb, BBC Radio Theatre (BBC Radio 3)

“You Say Chip, I Say Fibreboard…” HFP in USA!

A stripped down Chip Shop  session took place in Random Row Bookshop in Charlottesville VA last week.  What a great reception we had from the good people of Virginia! Every seat was taken as we did a quick presentation about our work before requesting words to be printed. The Virginians chose ‘y’all’ and ‘Kudzu’, giving

Chip Shop at British Library 5th March 2011

We have been invited to set out our increasingly battered Chip Shop in the British Library. We will be dipping into the National treasure-trove of language that is the BL, and the even bigger resource buried between the ears of the people of this great literate Nation! Evolving English Discovery Day FREE 11am-5pm The British

Chip Shop at Black Rat Gallery 10th Feb 2011

We have been invited to put on our Chip Shop show at the Black Rat Gallery, Rivington St on 10th Feb as part of their annual editions show opening night. They say: “In Printmaking Today we will be exhibiting prints we have published from our represented artists alongside key works by other artists in the

Keep Printing and Carry On in Pictures!

The London Word Festival team have put up loads of wonderful pictures from that seminal evening of entertainment, Keep Printing and Carry On at STK. Darren Hayman, Jo Neary, and Murray Macaulay all in collaboration with the Henningham Family Press. And if that wasn’t enough, Universettee with guest mini-lecturers Sophie Mackay and David Barnes… Pictures