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Archive: Erroneous Disposition of the People with Jon Bilbrough

The Erroneous Disposition of the People
Wilderthorn Presents..
Cafe Kahalia, Brick Lane
7.30pm 6th June 2013

We launched our book The Erroneous Disposition of the People at ‘Wilderthorn Presents..’, a monthly event at Community Cafe Kahalia, Brick Lane.


Jon composed melodies for twelve animal related titles from Sir Thomas Browne’s Psuedodoxia Epidemica’, and we did drawings for each of them.


The boards, each with a drawing, title and melody were in turn plucked from a giant book we had made for them, announced, and then hung on the wall prompting their dedicated musician to play their melody.


Black boards were added to make the player rest, or red ribbons awarded them a solo.


The twelve indie players performing the instrumental animal arrangement created a layered piece of music that loops like the DNA sheet music of our biosphere.


This piece accompanies an exhibition of scrolls, screenprints and drawings that celebrate the publishing of the paperback and limited edition versions of our book “The Erroneous Disposition of the People” (by James Wilkes, Julie Rafalski, Eddie Farrell, David Henningham & David Barnes). All five authors plunder Browne’s fascinating catalogue of extinct opinions. They lampoon our tendency to exchange fact for factoid; our insatiable appetite for facts that fuels an entire entertainment industry.