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Corporate Christmas Gift comp winner

Okay we didn’t really hold a competition pitting the various corporate Christmas Cards we’ve recieved this year against one another. For a start we’re a young business and we don’t get many {most are actually just invoices from our suppliers within the Christmas period} but art & design collaborative Sparks deserve special attention this year for their ingenius business gift. You may not be familiar with the concept; businesses send each other Christmas cards which in some way reflect, nay, promote their individual approach to their respective industries. Clients and customers are given a timely reminder of their services on the back of the festivities. But this isn’t a cynical enterprise; countless friendships are formed across the shop counters and studios of London.

  sparxs11.jpg sparxs2.jpg

What Sparks have done is provide everything needed for a couple of like-minds to share ideas over a fairtrade hot chocolate spiked with a dash of whisky atop a die-cut felt coaster {drink responsibly; use coasters}. Inspirations listed include: the wise men & shepherds/coffee breaks/snowflakes/Joseph Beuys/ideas becoming flesh/cold weather. Seasonal genius. 


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