A microbrewery for book-lovers

We’re on Resonance 104.4FM with Half-handed Cloud {noon 27/6/08}

We’ll be on the radio again tomorrow, I’ve pasted in the info from John Ringhofer’s bulletin: 

Hello!Thanks to those that came-out to tonight’s live printmaking/sing-a-long peformance in London on the giant 12-foot turntable. Really fun. We’ll try to post pictures before too long.

For those who couldn’t make it, we’re going to play on London radio on Friday, June 27th on the local, avant-garde(?) radio station. We’ll be on the “Late Late Breakfast” show (at The Foundry) from 12noon-1pm (London Time).

For more information, listen here:


We’ll be streaming live, and you can text-in messages to us. It’s very informal, and the Henningham Family Press and I will just be one of the guests there.

It’s mostly discussion, but I think we’ll be playing one or two of the new songs, also? Feel free to listen in!


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