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The Revenge of Guy Fawkes

We went to the fireworks at Victoria Park. It was incredible. A giant flaming skeletal Guy set off a string of fireworks that launched a rocket the shape of Big Ben. Subsequent fireworks took the form of planets behind. It made me realise how much I’d like to send parliament into space. I wonder if firework reps travel the country to show their new products to display designers. Do they use software? I can imagine a lonely chap, working nights, travelling to see one firework set off.


Some people celebrated the return of a traditional Guy Fawkes to TH. But what exactly is it about the story that they find to be proud of? Trumped up charges for a group of young Catholics? Their torture? Maybe we need a Guantanamo Day. We can chain a orange boiler suited figure to a trailer and burn him. Or a de’Menezes Day!


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