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Strawberry Elves

Hello blog-chompers

Again Mrs Ping* must apologise for a protracted absence, but i’ve been very busy. Whilst I was away I finished my MA and thus marked the end of formal education/preparation for the rest of life for some time…..

Yikes that means I am, for the first time “living my real life.” For those of you who are looking at this with a puzzled but-I-thought-she-was-real-already look, no, what I mean is, well.. Well it’s that feeling that I am no longer training for something to come – the training is over, I am now living the life I have prepared for twenty-one years!!! Goodness, no wonder I’m a bit daunted these days.

Weirdly, I feel rather normal. I am co-running the Press, learning to print (I lie! the training goes on!) and bind, having “meetings”, preparing for Paris (yes we’re doing Illustrative Paris) and inbetween doing a bit of admin temping to keep the baliffs away. Just life really. But it’s good!

None of this makes for very good photo fodder, changes being mainly in my head and not very visual, so I instead will show you some of my own handiwork – a strawberry hat modelled by my cousin (Good Elf), my sister (Evil Elf), and me (Odd Elf).

  Strawberry daniella.JPG  PY Strawberry.JPG  Strawberry Octopus.JPG

I must credit my Grandma for showing me how to make them. Here’s a pic of the hat Grandmama made (big one) next to one I made (little one) on top of a sewing cabinet David’s Grandfather made. How’s that for a inter-family photo?

strawberry hats.JPG




One thought on “Strawberry Elves

  • Michael Kuo
    November, 18, 2007 at 3:17 am

    A very good effort for Ping* to have learnt how to make such a strawberry hat. It shows Ping* can make more handiworks. It also indicates that Ping* is talented.

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