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Republic of Consciousness Prize 2021 Longlists Mr. Beethoven!

Mr. Beethoven by Paul Griffiths selected for Small Press Prize

We are delighted to hear that Paul Griffiths has been chosen for the most essential of small press prizes, the RofC!

As a fine artist and bookbinder attending the inaugural prizegiving, I was encouraged to explore the possibility of publishing novels as an extension of our ten year career in the book form. We did just that and, in 2019, we appeared on the shortlist with Chris McCabe’s Dedalus. In 2020 Paul Griffiths’ Mr. Beethoven went on to be chosen as a Book of the Month.

Rewarding the Longlist

The founder of the prize, Neil Griffiths, reveals in his Bookseller article that all longlisted presses will receive £1000:

We appreciate it’s not a huge amount, but we hope it helps in some small way.


We are hugely grateful to Neil and the prize for their ongoing disruption of prize culture. This move is characteristically sensitive to the psychological peril of being on a list, and right now £1000 will make a big difference. Thank you!


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