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Published! Noah’s Ark by Nathan Jones and Sam Meech

We are delighted to introduce you to our latest publication, Noah’s Ark by Nathan Jones and Sam Meech.

The ancient story of Noah’s flood cropped up repeatedly as Sam explored the North West Film Archive during his residency there. Sam found himself in the same difficult position as Noah choosing between the animals that went into his ark, selecting the frames for his archive. Nathan Jones added forthright and lyrical poetry that told the emerging story of lost love, leadership, flight and fading hopes. Carl Brown (Wave Machines) composed the music for the film. Anyone who saw the performance at the recent King James Bible Bash or previously at Abandon Normal Devices can tell you that it is staggeringly well realised. Accomplished and profound. So we are fortunate indeed to bring you the book of the film.

We printed the book digitally with our partners at Calverts, then bound them as paperbacks with a silver foil blocking of one of the stills, on Gmund Alezan boa; paper made from recycled leather. See more on the shelf

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Noah’s Ark
Nathan Jones and Sam Meech
Paperback (not the DVD)
68 pages
black and white digital
120mm square
£16.50 RRP

ISBN 978-0956316691


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