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Parideza (royal hunting park>paradise)

We are working hard on the moment printing our next release, ‘Parideza’ (David Henningham). The pages are printed, and the slipcases are well underway, but binding is going to take a while because each edition is a two-volume A5 hardback set with an extra pamphlet. It opens like a triptych. I hope there will be etchings in the pamphlet but at the moment the rest is silkscreened. We’ve opted for some really bright colours, the slipcase is flourescent and there is an ominous glow in the studio over by the drying racks.

There is going to be a first edition of 13 copies. It is basically a roving essay, including imaginary symposia, Bosch, Marco Polo and other Medieval explorers, and Charles Darwin along its meandering route. It is partially about our perception of the world and its failings in any given era. The pages are adorned with horns, teeth, and the first volume is populated by prehistoric mammals who enforce punctuation. It is a practice opus.


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