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New release: An Edition of 18 ScreenPrints

Working on the lining paper that will hold the Parideza edition together I created a screen I really loved and did an edition of 18 prints from it. They are of two images, and come in black and a kind of clay green I mixed, also loved, and have now sadly used up. The two images are 1) ‘self portrait standing on an urban fox’, and 2) ‘Charles Darwin standing on a South American fox’. One print costs £25, arrange purchase through: david@henninghamfamilypress.com 

foxes0004.jpg   foxes0003.jpg

State whether you want me or Darwin and if you want us in green or black. Both prints have a story. In Leipzig in Bach’s church we saw a lot of medieval sculptures standing on animals. Recently my Grandad’s death had given the foxes living opposite us on the roof of a shopping centre a new meaning; they were like souls waiting to be resurrected. Elusive as the dead. Charles Darwin records creeping up on a dim-witted fox and killing it with his geological hammer. The specimen is now in the Royal College of Surgeons.


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2 thoughts on “New release: An Edition of 18 ScreenPrints

  • gary
    March, 17, 2006 at 1:21 pm

    great images,
    what size are the prints?

  • David
    March, 20, 2006 at 9:41 am

    The different pages vary in size and shape (I thought why should all editions be exactly the same?) but from the fox’s feet to the top of my head is 20cm, and it is 14cm to Darwin’s shoulder.

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