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Opening night at Illustrative ’07!

The opening was amazing, it was like a club. There were at least 600 at the opening and a heavy turnover, people even queued outside to come in. Are they all like this in Berlin?
They gave us tokens for the bar, we could get used to this.
On the second floor there was a man playing the grand piano, like my old tutor Steve used to tell me about. When we came in there was a man with a huge moustache having his photo taken with Parideza, leaning on the case like he’d hunted it. That’s the kind of response I like!

We bumped into Brad Downey at our opening what are the chances of that! {ed: we hung out with him a couple of times later in the trip, dinner at our flat and then we went out for real German food. We also took Jirko; the really helpful intern from the show. Brad’s friend also came, and we rounded off the evening with a walk to his studio and some beers from the shop. What a great city!}


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