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Half-handed Cloud and HFP vinyl release

We are pleased to announce the release of the Half-handed Cloud ‘Dove EP’ on Burnt Toast Vinyl. The album features seven new songs by John on the A-side, and spinning etched artwork by HFP on the B-side. A rotodisk spinning illustration! So you can listen to side A and then flip it over to watch side B.

We also present this music video for the song Slip Through the Cracks taken from the H-hC ‘Dove EP’. The 2011 release of this 12-inch gives us an opportunity to release this footage of our 12-foot vinyl show in London 2008.

We were privileged to discuss the songs with Half-handed Cloud as they were composed, and to perform them for the first time in 2008, a preview show of six unreleased songs! Now they’re released!

The poster of the 2008 show is available here for UK collectors and here at Asthmatic Kitty for Americans (silkscreen H-hC and HFP collaboration with three H-hC linocuts)

The vinyl record is available here from Burnt Toast Vinyl


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