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Danielson Family Movie, Sun 26th Nov!

There is a band from New Jersey called the Danielson Famile, who have been a formative influence on the press. We came across them as part of my research for my MA thesis, which we will be printing and releasing next March. Also in the course of the research we met and shared beer with the director of the below film, JL Aronson:


He’s a great bloke, and his multi award winning film is excellent. It is a five year doc following the Danielson Famile, and exploring their bizarre mixture of music and visual art, family and friendship, Christianity and popular culture… They are a very respected mainstream indie band in the States, making it over here at the moment, with ten years of experience behind them. They are a formative influence on Sufjan Stevens, whose rise to fame is inadvertantly captured by the doc. Steve Albini is in it. Occasionally Daniel Smith dresses as a tree. What more convincing do you need, except to know that this is a rare chance to see the film? It doesn’t come out on DVD until March next year! 

Danielson: a Family Movie {or make a joyful noise HERE}

At grace church hackney {Shoreditch Church}

Shoreditch High St.

Sunday 26th November

8pm {doors 7.30}

FREE ENTRY {donations welcome} 


One thought on “Danielson Family Movie, Sun 26th Nov!

  • Michael Gough
    November, 14, 2006 at 5:02 pm

    Its in the diary!

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