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Ballad Show at London Word Festival 7/3/09

We’ve been asked to come up with a show for the London Word Festival so we will be performing with Indie-folk musician Jon Bilbrough at the Stoke Newington International Airport on Saturday 7th March, probably taking to the stage around 8.30pm. There will be music and live printing and a new publication available in and on the night! 

When we came across the factoid that the word ‘ballad’ came from printing terminology, we thought it was an ideal way to work again with some of our Indie musician friends.  Apparently people heard news fastest through low-cost songs distributed on roughly printed sheets; put that in your pipe itunes!
We’ve asked old school chum Jon to write a new song with us that will be performed on the night, which he will be playing from a proliferating line of prints we are hanging and passing in front of him. This sheet music will also be available to take home far a small sum. Isn’t it a little weird to release music in sheet form when you can just bluetooth mp3s? Yes. But it will also be notated in unusual and attractive ways, and mp3s aren’t much to look at.
Our set will be followed by two other acts, Caroline Weeks and Mary Hampton, so remember if you turn up on ‘Indie time’ {i.e. doors 7.30, walk in at 9.30pm} you’re liable to miss it and leave with long faces, as a couple of folks did at the Half-handed Cloud show!  Tickets are required, so go to link below… And time may be short as it was listed as a show to look out for in Time Out!

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