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– Edinburgh International Book Festival.

Publishing is changing.

Traditional Newspaper reviewers require an advance proof copy months ahead of publication. This allows them to write reviews timed to appear at the same time as a book’s publication date. That’s fine. But with independent publishers breaking new ground and experimenting with the publishing process itself, is this still the best way?

Publishing off-plan.

At Henningham Family Press, the making of a book is an artistic process. We build a book from the inside out, helping the writer to  push their story in new directions and forms, such as prints, drawings and sculptures. The book’s final appearance, often with hand finishing executed in our bindery, is important to us and our readers. But it doesn’t exist until shortly before publication.

Publishing in public.

Our creative odysseys are shared with readers and bloggers online as they unfold. Subscription models like Kickstarter enable readers to take part in the development of a book, while that advance proof copy sits in a jiffy bag increasingly out of date. We prefer building a readership around a book.

Reviewing is changing.

Book Blogging seems a much more natural fit for these fresh approaches to publishing. Cheerleaders instead of gatekeepers, Book Bloggers bring passion and experience to their reading-in-public. Like small publishers, Bloggers are doing a lot of unpaid work because of a love of literature.

The longest stretch of a book’s life is on the backlist.

There’s no market limit on the number of Bloggers. You’re not tied to the intensive publication cycle. Whenever a review appears, it is much appreciated. Before, after, even years after publication, because one of the best things about books is that they wait for us to find them.

How to obtain our books for review.

Have a look at our list and see if we’re likely to publish books that will excite you.

If you want to review a book on our list, just send us an e-mail or DM on Twitter and we’ll let you know if there are copies available.

If you’d like to review regularly, please let us know in an e-mail or DM and we’ll have a stroll through your work. We’ll be sure to send you only the books we think will interest you. 


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