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Adorable Art Fair lived up to its name

We had a great time at the Adorable Art Fair yesterday. We were able to show a lot of new people our work and also see what other people have come up with. There is a lot of great work going on, and I can say without hyperbole that it was the best fair of its kind that I’ve been to.


It was held in the Red Rose comedy club in Finsbury Park. Every exhibitionist had to do a short presentation or performance/advert for their stall. There were some good moments. A woman from Camberwell got us to wrap the whole place in hazard tape. The best was probably Janice Harding (Universettee) who got us to record her ‘ode to books’ using a glock and audience participation.


For ours we played a game called Frequently Asked Questions, through our ‘sneaker speakers’. We pre-recorded answers to questions, and then got the audience to ask us about our Press. If the answer matched their question then they won a lollypop. We had three winners, against all odds! Two were a little generously interpreted, but Janice was spot on, asking us about our prices. Eddie Farrell asked who won the cup final in 1942. Turns out it was me, just after I left the Slade. If you weren’t there you missed out big time. I’m sure it’ll be annual, though. 

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