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InterInterInter in Borealis Festival, Bergen

Next week we’ll be off to Bergen in Norway with the group InterInterInter for the Borealis Festival.  At the PrInterPrInterPrInter blog, dedicated to this project, you’ll be able to take part in what we’re doing through the comment facilities and see what we’re doing as it happens! You can also see stuff at the InterInterInter blog, and the Borealis Festival website.


We are doing our show where we make a book in a night at the end of the festival. Pages will be printed at the audience tables cabaret style and the activities thereon will relate to the music performances about to take place. The pages are then compiled into a single site specific book with improvised pressing equipment like upturned tables and punters drinking their pints. This will be the third in the series after Bethnal Green and Gent {Belgium}.  

In addition we will be doing events with the audience throughout the festival, including shows in the street and at a horse-racing track. We will be bringing two new inventions to bear on this part of the event. Firstly conversations recorded on A3 manilla cards will be continually added to a bergen-box-blog; a primitive computer made of categorised manilla cards in a cloth-bound box accessed with a knitting needle that penetrates the haystack of notes and doodles through holes at the top of the page. Secondly we’ll be using the ‘Interbet’, an interactive alphabet suitable for A sizes composed of PDFs that need some puzzling and assembling once printed. We’ll be making the Interbet available soon!


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