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Two books sold to UCL library

We sold a copy of Nonconformist and Parideza to the UCL library last week. They will be in the stores until a more appropriate location than the open shelves may exist, but it is a superb place to archive the work so far and, anyone who has access to these archives can request a look at the books through ucl library services.

You can also come and see us and look at a copy over a cup of tea, and of course buy books online. We are keeping a couple of back catalogues to sell/donate to libraries to keep them together for free access. We’ll choose a local library when we settle down somewhere.

Preparations for degree show are driving me mad, I’m working 10am to 10pm every week day with only Sundays off! But I’ve now finished all books for the show. ‘Nonconformist’ and ‘Parideza’, and two new titles, ‘Dinocerata’ and ‘nth convention’ will be there for perusal and purchase. Also three wooden cabinets that are also books in a curious kind of way, entitled ‘the world as a book’, ‘grounds for reason’, and ‘fundament’. The show is open on 8th-14th June, 10am-8pm weekdays, 10am-5pm Weekends. On other news, I’m being interviewed for a Russian language newspaper! The connection? Russian people love books.


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