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Paul Griffiths Collection


Paul Griffiths Collection

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Get all four Griffiths’ paperbacks (so far) in Henningham Family Press’ Gmund Award nominated matching covers. Mr. Beethoven, The Tomb Guardians, let me tell you, let me go on and Griffiths’ unannounced fifth novel! (Note: Mr. Beethoven is our equally gorgeous second impression. These books don’t hang around!)


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New for 2024: let me tell you | let me go on

This long-awaited continuation of Paul Griffiths’ “Ophelian” project joins Mr. Beethoven and The Tomb Guardians in our Paul Griffiths collection.

In let me tell you and Let Me Go On, Ophelia tells her own story. Yet she is restricted to the 481 words Shakespeare gives her in Hamlet. As her story flows from this barely perceptible limitation, it hints at her struggle against the constraints placed upon her by her father, brother and the Prince, and her Shakespearean fate.

let me tell you inspired both authors and readers. It was as moving as it was experimental. Our 15th anniversary edition of this seminal novel is joined by a brand new instalment, Let Me Go On. “O” encounters others on a similar journey and explores her fabulous new world.

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